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Today is a great episode! We talk about the power of the subconscious in the vein of Semiotics, Ethnic Studies and Neuro Linguistic programming and how repetition speaks to your subconscious. We discuss the astrology of Mars oppose Neptune and Venus oppose Chiron. Finding your will in the subconscious, and finding love in your own healing, respectively. 

I read from the teachings of Don Juan in Carlos Castaneda's "Wheel of Time" and my own book "Jewel of Singularity".

Don Juan talks about the impeccability of our spirit. In my book Veena is describing a scene where the young heroes use a map to find a cave of power, aka the subconscious. 

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Aug 15, 2021


In today's episode we talk about developing intuition using the earth, the current astrological energetic signature and lucid dreaming. We are having an auspicious moment of Yod (finger of god in astrology) between the Sun, Pluto and Neptune (the ruler of dreams). The sun brings light to our dreaming in the underworlds of Pluto. In the last half we listen to the book, "The Wheel of Time" by Carlos Castaneda.

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